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How To Copy Protect eBooks That Remain Secure?

A commonly asked question is "how can I protect my eBook from unauthorized use?". Of course the problem is obvious as no author is happy about spending their time and talents on writing, whether it's fiction or for a tutorial, if it can be copied and redistributed as someone else's work or simply thrown into a share network. Authors need to protect their livelihood and yes, there are many options for protecting a eBook.

The prime concern in all cases is being able to withhold the contents of the eBook until it is purchased, so the simplest form of eBook protection can be ensuring that there are no public links available (no direct links) to download the complete eBook, and until such time as a user pays for the rights to use the eBook, then they are only shown a preview or excerpt. Upon receipt of payment the author can send a download link, and here it is most recommended to use an expiring link, one that is only good for a short period or invalidates itself after a download has been logged. There are many scripts available for this type of download management and some eBook stores that will accept your listing may provide their ready made download protection. A simpler solution may be to deliver the eBook by email.

To Copy Protect eBooks Or Not?

Most users prefer to to be able to read offline and of course are happier if there is no protection applied to the eBook. For them the ideal is an eBook that can be read on as many of their gadgets as possible. Unfortunately, for the author this is bad news because while catering to please the masses to maximize their sales, they are in fact shooting themselves in the foot. The few sales that they might lose to whiners can never justify the huge losses incurred by enabling their eBook to be shared and used without their authorization (payment).

Yes, there is a lot of flack to be seen in blogs and online forums about the woes of DRM and copy protection, but be reminded that the loud outbursts of a few might be annoying but they do not speak for everyone, and if even they did, who's to say whether you should be working for free or not? Because if you don't protect your eBooks that's what will happen.

Copy Protecting eBooks For Online Or Offline Use?

Copy protecting eBooks for offline use is fraught with problems, because to apply protection and user rights policies on the user's computer exposes everything. Sure, there are solutions that provide such protection but these are the ones that you can read about online by performing a web search on "remove DRM from eBook". The purpose of this discussion is to recommend the most secure copy protection solutions for eBooks, and as an author who would prefer to starve than feed a thief, let's stay on track and refrain from flattering solutions that are fraught with holes.

By ensuring that a copy protected eBook is read online you not only have the means of increasing the security of your eBook exponentially, but you also have the option of maintaining total control over who can access your eBook and for how long. Imagine having sold a subscription to a series of eBooks or tutoials only to find that the credit card used was stolen or that their check bounced. Normally there would be nothing that you can do about it except grieve. But with ArtistScope DRM applied to those eBooks using an online management system, you can kill that user's access to the eBook or even take tat eBook out of circulation with immediate effect. And it doesn't matter if the eBook has already been downloaded to their computer, because without online approval to open that eBook it is dead and useless to them.

Using A Suitable eBook File Format To Protect

As mentioned earlier, to provide proper copy protection for eBooks, we need to consider a solution that can be controlled remotely from a DRM server. So a proprietary reader is needed, thus eliminating a multitude of e-readers and gadgets that are only good for reading freebies. Being good for freebies makes them popular so a lot of gadgets get sold. But we don't sell gadgets, nor do we have shares in any iGadget manufacturing plants. We are authors and struggling to protect our livelihood by ensuring that we get paid for the work that we perform.

Of all the eBook formats that utilize DRM (document rights management), which is what we need to prevent unauthorized distribution, none are as solid as the solution provided by CopySafe PDF and on top of unexploitable rights management you also have the most secure copy protection of the eBooks contents while it is open. Copysafe PDF will copy protect eBooks from all copy and save including PrintScreen and screen capture.

Establishing A Service to Copy Protect eBooks

DRM solutions for eBooks and documents can be expensive to purchase and expensive to maintain as most require a dedicated server. There are companies who specialize in fleecing authors and corporations wishing to protect their documents, and how they get away with it is boggling, especially when considering that they are all borrowing some one else's intellectual property to peddle as their own.

ArtistScope has been the leading developer of copy protection solutions since they invented it back in 1998 and their own brand of DRM introduced total control management for documents rights. ArtistScope was the pioneer of copy protection and is the longest surviving member of the copy protection industry. They have survived because they continue to provide the best solutions and maintain that they are easy to use and affordable.

ArtistScope's solution for the copy protection of eBooks, also with the option of applying DRM to prevent unauthorized use, can be purchased for only $295 and less. "Less" is because new authors can be eligible for sponsorship in which case they can use all of the necessary tools for free.

The CopySafe eBook Store

ArtistScope copy protect eBooks with DRM (user access control) for free to all licensed users of CopySafe PDF. The CopySafe eBook Store has been specially designed to include all of the functions and tools needed for the creation, conversion and promotion of protected eBooks, including online sales and delivery for purchases made by credit card.

  • Upload PDF and convert to copy protected document
  • Extend document protection to prevent unauthorized use
  • Free listing in the CopySafe eBook Store shopping cart
  • Online tools for managing document rights and downloads
  • Online book cover designer to create promotional cover images
  • Online sales using credit cards and user tracking
  • Totally free of any commissions or royalty

The publishing service provided by the CopySafe eBook Store has it all covered!

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